<h2 class="section-title"><span style="font-size: 36pt;">Our story</span></h2> <h4 class="section-story">&nbsp;</h4> <h4 class="section-story">Wouldn&rsquo;t it be nice if there was a site that allowed people to get up to 50% off at restaurants all because they booked online and are coming in at not-so-mainstream times? We thought so too. Well, meet Tastable.</h4> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h4 class="section-story">Tastable was created in 2012 by a local KC restaurateur who wanted to drive people into the restaurant, not be charged by online reservation services, and reward the diners by giving them some serious discounts.</h4> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h4 class="section-story">Much like airlines and hotels, restaurants have&nbsp;low volume periods of business every week.&nbsp;Filling these &ldquo;unsold seats&rdquo; can be quite&nbsp;beneficial for both patrons and potentially&nbsp;for the restaurant as well.&nbsp;Tastable is a program designed to make&nbsp;available these great deals and discounts to our&nbsp;customers. Times offered are during non-peak&nbsp;hours and days, yet the same great food and&nbsp;service is always to be expected.</h4> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h4 class="section-story">Tastable has now grown into a way for diners to experience different cuisines from all over and not break the bank when doing so. That way your inner foodie can run wild! So enough about us - get to searching and enjoy the Tastable perks.</h4>